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Study Skills

If organization, note-taking, and general studying poses a challenge to your child, MJ Test Prep can help by providing individual study skills coaching. Our study skills coaches  will help students by providing structure and establish a learning styles that are appropriate for an individual students particular needs. The key to studying effectively is to study smarter, not harder. Understanding a child’s cognitive profile is crucial to maximizing time.  Additionally, organizational skills such as proactively setting specific goals, creating time-lines, and reviewing notes  can dramatically improve performance, diminish procrastination and reduce anxiety.

Students typically meet at least once a week, though, we recommend twice a week in the beginning, It is also better to start earlier rather than later. It’s important to have fundamental skills in place before new learning can occur.

Individualized Intense Training

Designed for:

  • Students in boarding schools
  • Students who live out of town/state

  • Students who are busy with training, sports, or any other type of activities that don’t allow them to have weekly sessions in our office


Takes place:
In our Bryn Mawr office over 3 to 5 days depending on time availability. Each day will be 4 to 5 hours long.


The Program:
MJ test prep will design a program for an individual student based on his or her needs. To make it most effective and time efficient, we need to prepare the program in advance so that on the first day of training we hit the ground running.  We design these individualized programs by analyzing past work – a real test or a simulated test that will be emailed to the student prior to the training. The test will provide important information for identifying areas of both strength and weakness, which will be used to help develop the optimal coaching plan for the student. Each day the student will complete assigned work that will be scored and checked. The student will spend two hours with a tutor who will explain the mistakes, look for patterns and teach new techniques. We will provide all the materials the student needs. At the conclusion of the training, we will provide materials based on a student’s needs that will help the student continue to develop skills important to his or her score growth. The training can be followed by Skype/FaceTime sessions with a tutor. This training is offered only during winter months for boarding school students. 


$400 per day


Call the office to discuss creating a personalized program to match your needs.

Our Partners

For college advising, interview coaching, test anxiety reduction, and study abroad opportunities, we have partnered with local experts who can help meet your needs.

We may be able to recommend people who can assist with other parts of the admissions process too. Just give us a call!

Nancy K. Thaler

College Admissions Advisor

Mindyjane Berman

Academic & Extracurricular Planning
Mindyjane Berman works with adolescents and young adults as they balance rigorous academic schedules and attempt to identify, cultivate and grow their extracurricular interests. KeyQuest focuses on engaging young people through their middle, high school, and college years as they begin to plan for the years ahead. Emphasis is placed on the developmental and psychosocial stages of the students, as well as the students’ respective temperaments and their social and academic environments. Most students are between the ages of 12 and 21, attend traditional public, alternative, online, or private schools, and are pursuing a college experience or graduate degree.

Learn more at KeyQuest Consulting.

Michael Colleran

Interview Specialist
Michael Colleran spent over 35 years in the television industry in senior management positions with both ABC and CBS. Throughout that time, Michael interviewed and hired thousands of job applicants. It is from that frontline experience that he has developed a proven system for interview success, career choice and personal differentiation. He has lectured at some of our finest universities including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, USC, Temple, Drexel, University of Miami and NYU.

Learn more at InterviewWise.

Joe Havlick

Anxiety Reduction Specialist
Joe Havlick has a Ph.D. in sports psychology and is an expert in anxiety reduction. He draws on a combination of mindfulness training and performance enhancement skill building to help students reduce the anxiety that accompanies standardized testing. Additionally, he uses these same skills to help people overcome many types of performance anxiety, including that associated with athletic performance. Positive psychology is a quickly growing field focused on all aspects of self-actualization. Dr. Havlick’s training is geared toward maximizing performance but is born from a deep concern with the welfare and growth of each individual.

Learn more at Havlick Consulting.

Kevin Newton

Study Abroad Advisor
Learn more about studying abroad at An Education Abroad.

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