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Anthony Pryor

Anthony graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in English and Economics. Upon graduating he was hired by a prestigious national SAT prep company to head up their Philadelphia division. While there Anthony was responsible for hiring and training the instructors, implementing curriculum, and managing the entire administrative branch of the office. Because of his highly developed skills as an instructor he was also called upon to work with the high-end students who the other tutors could not easily accommodate. Anthony soon realized he preferred the tutoring to his managerial duties, and so parted ways and came to us in 2008 where he has been a stalwart ever since. He teaches for the SAT, ACT, and Subject Tests Math Level I, Math Level II, and Literature. He also helps students with essay writing, including the college personal statement.

Anthony takes his teaching cue from his many music teachers. Like music, the SAT or ACT is a performance. And with a plan, attention to detail, and some quality practice, anyone can have a great performance. With a little luck, you can have the best performance of your life.
And then you can put this part of the college application process behind you and focus on the fun stuff.

SAT Tutoring: $240/Hour

ACT Tutoring: $240/Hour

AP Literature: $240/Hour

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