AP Physics Group Class

This course is designed to be taken as a whole, or as individual review sessions on pre-determined topics. ​Each session is taught by a certified AP instructor.  

Location: Zoom


1 Review Session: $150

Full Review (Sessions 1-8): $1000

Session 1. AP Exam test taking strategies, understanding AP scoring, using the equation sheet, building a personalized review/study plan - Sun 3/7, 3-4:30pm

Session 2. Kinematics - Sun 3/14, 3-4:30pm

Session 3. Forces and Newton’s Laws - Sun 3/21, 3-4:30pm

Session 4. Work, Energy, Power, Conservation of EnergySun 3/28, 3-4:30pm

Session 5. Center of Mass, Impulse, Momentum, Conservation of MomentumSun 4/11, 3-4:30pm

Session 6. Torque, Angular Momentum, Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics - Sun 4/18, 3-4:30pm

Session 7. Rotational Inertia and Rotational Inertia Derivations using Calculus - Sun 4/25, 3-4:30pm

Session 8. Simple Harmonic Motion and Gravitation - Sun 5/2, 3-4:30pm