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Ariadna Fink

Ariadna is a native Spanish speaker with years of teaching experience in the local community. Graduating from Villanova University, she holds two Masters Degrees—one in Education and the other in Hispanic Literature. Ariadna is exceptionally well-equipped to guide students of all levels on their journey to proficiency.


Ariadna's teaching repertoire spans across all levels of Spanish, ranging from beginner to advanced, and includes specialized courses such as AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Spanish Literature. Whether you're aiming to improve your academic Spanish skills or seeking guidance for the AP Spanish Exam, Ariadna's comprehensive knowledge and tailored approach ensure effective learning outcomes.


With Ariadna as your tutor, you can expect personalized instruction, engaging lessons, and unwavering support on your language-learning journey. Take the first step towards mastering Spanish with Ariadna as your trusted guide.

Spanish : $180/Hour

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