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Sonia Joseph

Sonia Joseph is a Chemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering dual major at the university of Pennsylvania, where she is part of the Vagelos Integrated Program of Energy Research (VIPER), a program that each year selects 25 highly qualified students from around the world. In high school she was a national merit finalist, and a Cum laude on the National Latin Exam.   Sonia scored a perfect 800 on the Math SAT, an 800 on the subject test math level II, and an 800 on the Subject Chemistry test.  Additionally, she scored a 5 on Calculus BC AP test and a 5 on the Chemistry AP test.   She graduated High School a year early because by then she completed all math and science courses available. She is an avid environmentalist constantly researching current environmental issues and sharing that information with others.  She particularly enjoys teaching math and science and, because of her family’s business, any tests related to college admissions.  She has been helping students at MJ test prep for the last 3 years.  Outside of academics she enjoys designing and sewing her own clothing, running, and cooking vegan dishes.

Sonia is available via Zoom

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