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Emilio Cacciavillani

Emilio’s students have a track record of extremely high scores on the AP Chemistry test, the SAT Chemistry Subject test, and on the chemistry and organic chemistry portions of the MCAT. Emilio is our expert in all levels of organic and inorganic chemistry. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from MIT and an M.S. in organic chemistry from UC Irvine before working as a medicinal chemist at SmithKline Beacham developing potential medications for AIDS. Discovering that teaching was his true calling, Emilio worked as the AP chemistry & honors chemistry teacher at both The Baldwin School and The Haverford School. Class time is devoted to (A) review official practice tests, and (B) learn how to solve the hardest problems that are minimally, if at all, covered in enough detail in even the best chemistry class at the best high school. Highlighted concepts include advanced atomic and molecular structure, equilibrium, electrochemistry, and thermodynamics. Students are expected to complete targeted concept packets plus a full practice test outside of class time.

Academic Chemistry : $180/Hour

AP Chemistry : $180/Hour

MCAT/DAT : $280/Hour

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