Graduate admissions tests

We offer tutoring for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. 

Our rate is $280 per 1 hour session for all graduate test tutoring.



The LSAT is the single most important aspect of your law school application. Admissions officers say LSAT score alone accounts for about 40-60% of the decision.

Prospective law students are lucky that the test makers have released close to 90 real LSAT tests to use, but without clear organization and strategies, you’ll be buried in a mountain of practice problems without an effective path to score improvement.

Our program materials include dozens of strategy worksheets, a comprehensive book of techniques, access to every LSAT question ever released, over 20 full-length (5-section) diagnostic tests, and a computerized scoring system that will break down your performance across many different metrics. Together with the guidance of a tutor, an uncommonly effective course of study emerges.

For students with little or no LSAT experience, our full program of 14-16 sessions is designed to take you from square one to complete expertise. And for students who want to fill in the gaps left by other books or courses, a few meetings with our expert tutor can help you address and fix your weak areas.

A better LSAT score comes from an organized breakdown of the material and a lot of hard work. We’ll give you both. 



A business school degree can open new doors in your career path, and the GMAT is your first step along the way. MJ Test Prep’s GMAT course is a rigorous program designed to get you ready for every part of the test, from mastering the content to understanding how best to deal with the computer-adaptive format.

The test makers have released a generous number of practice questions, and a small collection of full simulated tests, but most students find they need expert guidance to best discover patterns in those problems, weaknesses in their own performance, and effective strategies for score improvement. 

Most students’ initial reaction to the Quantitative section is to conclude that they simply need to remember the high school math they forgot long ago. While refreshing your familiarity with certain math concepts is certainly necessary, maximizing your Quantitative score requires learning how GMAT math works, which is more about pattern recognition and strategic planning than simple mechanical calculation. We’ll show you how to master the test, not just recall high school math.

Our tutors also include extensive experience teaching the skills you’ll need in the Verbal section: techniques for dissecting the logic of arguments, an detailed understanding of grammar rules and rhetorical patterns, and ways analyze the reading  passages in the manner that is most useful for answering the questions.

A better GMAT score comes from an organized breakdown of the material and a lot of hard work. We’ll give you both.



The GRE is your gateway to graduate programs and an essential early step along your career path. Graduate programs and business schools use GRE scores to evaluate your readiness for graduate-level work. The GRE is a computer-based test with sections devoted to writing, math, and verbal skills. MJ Test Prep has a well-developed curriculum devoted to helping you master all three sections.


This test, unfortunately, has a smaller number of official test questions available from the test maker than any other major standardized test. That means we need to be especially resourceful in creating a comprehensive and realistic curriculum.

We have gathered every real question (including those found in some unexpected places) and done a thorough analysis of the pattern types. We have a rounded curriculum with a full strategy book, carefully selected questions from other comparable tests, and a set of recommendations for realistic supplemental books. Together with our tutors guidance, an uncommonly effective course of study emerges.

Whether you’re aiming for a Master’s degree, an MBA, or a Ph.D., we can help you achieve your best possible GRE score and realize your graduate school goals. 


The Medical College Admission Test is a computer based  multiple-choice standardized exam for prospective medical students. Scores are reported in four sections:


  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

We offer preparation for all four sections, but we noticed that Chemistry and Biology are more in demand than the other sections.

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