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SAT and ACT Boot Camps

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Explore our Summer Boot Camps

Boot Camp Jump Start

Join us Monday through Friday from 9am-2:30pm to begin your test prep!

Summer Boot Camps are the perfect start for many students. The boot camps are 5-day intensive courses that provide students with the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from tutors and learn how to best approach this course work with minimal homework. Once the course ends, students can seamlessly transition into individual tutoring to complete their preparation. 

For students in 9th grade or younger, we recommend Vocabulary Builder or Math Builder Camps. If your 10th grader wants to bolster their Math or Verbal skills before applying them to the test directly, we would also recommend a Builder Camp prior to the SAT or ACT Boot Camp. 

Learn more about our services by calling in at 610-525-2840 or booking a consultation with a director. 

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