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Matt Tausch

Matt earned his B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Writing from Johns Hopkins University. He was consistently awarded Dean's list honors for his academic performance. After graduating, he taught English at a small school in northern China. Upon his return to America, Matt worked in the restaurant industry in Washington D.C. He returned to Philadelphia to be closer to family and to enjoy a career in standardized test prep. Matt has spent the last four years devoted to test preparation.



Having grown up in the Philadelphia area, Matt has firsthand experience navigating the highly competitive high school landscape. The expectations colleges now have of applicants have never been higher, and the pressures students feel to perform well on tests can be overwhelming. Matt takes pride in serving as a guiding force through this process and assisting students in gaining knowledge, improving organization, and fostering confidence.

SAT Tutoring: $240/Hour

ACT Tutoring: $240/Hour

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