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Welcome to MJ Test Prep

Has your student decided which test they will be preparing for? (SAT or ACT)

Diagnostic Exams

Before beginning with a tutor, all students are asked to have a completed practice exam. We offer both SAT and ACT Diagnostic Exams to students who would like to take both and receive a test recommendation from Matt Joseph.


A tutor recommendation can also be made based on scores and your student's needs.  

Book Diagnostic Exam Now
Diagnostic Exam

Is your student interested in Small Group Classes or Indidviual Tutoring?


Your student would like to work with a tutor one on one. Do they have a complete exam with access to the test booklet, their answers, and score? 

Test Check

Do you know which tutor you would like your student to work with?

Do you know what tutor?

Call in or Email to receive a tutor recomendation. 

Call/Emai for Tutor Rec

To book a session with a tutor, you can book online and pay in advance or contact our front desk and pay day of the session.


How Often should my student meet with their tutor? 

Students typically meet with their tutor once per week for an hour. During the school year they receive ~5 hours of homework between each meeting. Over the Summer students receive ~10 hours of homework between meetings. 

You can meet weekly at the same time or book on a week to week basis!

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