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Study Skills/Homework Help



Avalon Rosenberger

Avalon Rosenberger is a West Point cadet majoring in English on the pre-medicine track. After her first year, she made Dean’s List and received the Superintendent’s Award for reaching the top 6% of her class. She is extremely passionate about both the humanities and STEM, and loves the opportunity to help students in those areas. She is a peer tutor at West Point in English and History.


A 2020 graduate of the Baldwin School, Avalon understands the rigor of Mainline public and private schools and is eager to aid in its students' educational needs. Avalon was also a student at MJ Test Prep. Her experience at MJTP with Andy Snover clearly demonstrated the value of their approach. 

Online or in the Bryn Mawr Office Only



Lila Williams

Lila, a soon to be Harvard University graduate, is finishing her coursework in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences which require high-level writing skills, as well as quantitative problem solving abilities. 


Her experience includes working for the Crimson Summer Academy at Harvard, where she tutored high school students in grammar, textual analysis, academic writing, and oral communication. She also worked for the Ed Portal at Harvard, mentoring students of all ages. In this role, she explored the students’ areas of interest, academic needs, and crafted creative learning activities. 


As a college student, Lila understands the academic and interpersonal pressures on todays’ young people. She helps students reach their full potential by addressing the emotional dimensions of scholarship, including lack of motivation, organizational challenges, test anxiety, and burnout.


Lila will be teaching study skills at MJ Test Prep, including all elementary, middle, and high school subjects. 

Online Only

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