Summer 2020 Test Prep

This summer we will  be offering two types

of group setting test prep options

8-week SAT Class

Summer classes prepare students for August 29th SAT or October 3rd SAT tests. Each course is 8 weeks long with instructional sessions two times every week, and a full SAT test every Saturday.

The course is a great option for students who are busy during the work week with summer jobs, internships, sports or other educational requirements. The enrollment into each course is limited to 15 students to ensure individual progress. That group of 15 will then be broken into smaller groups of 3 or 4 students based on their level of development so that we can best meet their particular needs. All of the instructors for these courses are experienced and professional SAT instructors (minimum of 5 years of experience). The class will cover 10 previously administered SAT tests, 21 math worksheets that cover every concept that appears on the SAT, and 18 Verbal worksheets that hones both reading and grammatical skills that the SAT consistently taps. 

5-day SAT & ACT BootCamps

The camps are week-long intensive introductory courses, designed for students who are just starting out, or who are looking for extra practice in a more structured environment.

Students begin with the Level 1 camp. For those looking to add a second week of instruction, we offer the Level 2 camps, which cover more challenging topics. Each day starts with students completing one or more sections of a test. After the sections are graded, students are split into smaller groups of three to four students based on skill level. The groups then work on strategies using guided practice with a tutor.

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