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College Application Process

Laptop Writing

For your application to be considered complete, you are required to include the following:


Essay: Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

Official High School Transcripts

SAT/ACT Test Scores

Activities Summary

Letters of Recommendation 

It is important to represent yourself strongly in each of these areas. Keep in mind that colleges receive thousands of applications, and presenting a well-organized application signals to admissions representatives that you are meticulous and have put great thought and care into applying to their specific school.

How MJ Test Prep Consultants Can Help

​Our consultants offer comprehensive support to both students and parents throughout the college application process. For students seeking early guidance, our team will help develop a strategic plan that covers coursework, summer job experiences, and extracurricular activities. As students begin developing their official applications, they can also expect the following support:

  • Assistance in creating the student's list of “best fit” colleges based on location, majors, activities, cost, etc.

    • Including schools in each category: reach, target, and likely options

  • Directions to begin deeper research regarding each institution on their “best fit” list.

  • Determine what type of application will be submitted for each school (ED, EA, etc.). Learn more about application types here.

  • Help planning college rep visits, colleges campus visits and make appointments for interviews and campus tours.

  • Crafting subtle requests for letters of recommendation from teachers that will highlight the unique strengths of the student.

  • Developing a strong activities resume to send with your applications. 

  • Finding a topic for personal statement essay. 

  • Identify required Supplemental Essays which are additional pieces of writing required by many selective universities.

  • Help completing the Common Application

  • Assist students in checking test score (SAT/ACT) policies for selected colleges.

  • Help student athletes with registration and eligibility (Register with the NCAA)

  • Assist with finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid. 

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