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The MJ Story

Mission Statement

Our Individualized plan for each student works within the framework of a data-driven system developed by Dr. Matthew Joseph.  Dr. Joseph completed his doctoral dissertation on coaching for the SAT exam debunking college board’s once held claim that coaching for standardized tests lacked efficacy. 

In the Classroom

The Mission

Our mission began 25 years ago when we decided to be the best standardized test prep company in the nation by creating an environment where students feel supported, not just as test takers, but as young accountable people trying to understand their own potential and their unique road to succeed.


High school is a highly pressurized time when students are trying to understand themselves as they individuate.  For that very reason, we are driven not only to raise scores, which we will do in a robust way, but also to use standardized test preparation as a vehicle that promotes each student.

The Vision

To fulfill this mission of empowering students, we have created a warm environment, established a teaching team with exceptional skill and expertise, empathetic, and inspirational, and crafted a culture that respects each person who comes into our office.  We honor the rigor of our process and the privilege of your trust to bring out the best in each of our students.

Study group

Our Core Values

  • Researched Materials

  • Commitment to Students

  • Transparent Communication

  • Proven Process

  • Engage Instructors Who Inspire

Our Core Focus

  • Researched & Systematized Resources

  • Accelerate Test Score Improvements

  • Relationship Building in a Supportive Environment


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