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College Planning Outline

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Dear MJTestPrep Families,

Planning for college is a step-by-step process that demands your time, organization, and dedication. Although high school graduation may feel distant, your college readiness process can begin as early as 9th grade. With numerous questions likely to arise and uncertainty about where to start, a solid outline along with help from an experienced college consultant that tailors to your specific needs can greatly help navigate the crucial years leading up to admissions.


MJtestprep consultants can provide you with invaluable support in addition to the resources provided by your High School Guidance team. Our consultants can help you start the process earlier than your high school typically might  and they have the expertise to guide you through every phase of the college application process. 

Keep in mind that your junior and senior years serve as the launching pad for your future. However to make those critical years most productive, it is important to lay down the proper foundation. Your academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and proactive planning significantly influence what your junior and senior  years will look like and hence your pathway to certain colleges. Our consultants help students stay focused on what their ultimate goals may be and then continue to stay focused and mindful of application deadlines to ensure your success. 

Starting the college application process ahead of time and staying informed and organized will also ease the family dynamics that can factor into important decisions regarding school choice. Our consultants, acknowledging this dynamic, take a comprehensive approach in their dedication to assisting both students and parents through the admissions process. If you have any questions regarding our consulting work, feel free to contact either MJ Test prep or an MJtestprep consultant at any time.

With warm regards,

Matt and Renata Joseph

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