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Admissions tests are considered by many schools to be an integral part of the admissions process. A single test taken by students from across the nation gives colleges comparative data to use in evaluating students from different high schools. While there are test-optional schools that students can explore, many institutions are reinstating score requirements, emphasizing the importance of these exams in their evaluation criteria.

See to learn more about test optional institutions and confirm the policy which each individual institution you will apply to. 


While the PSAT is typically presented to students in October of the sophomore and junior years, some schools offer PSATs as early as  freshman year. These results are not submitted to the colleges. In addition to assisting students in preparing for the SAT Test, the score is useful in initiating the college selection process. The scores from your junior year are also used for qualifying for the National Merit Scholarships. Many students utilize the Summer prior to Junior year for their SAT or ACT preparation simultaneously preparing them for this qualifying PSAT. 

Digital SAT vs ACT

It is recommended that students take their exam of choice in the Summer prior to junior year and again in junior year as needed. Summer studying is recommended to alleviate students' workload during the school year, allowing them to focus more on academics. To best determine which test is best for you, register for diagnostic exams and follow up with our team for recommendations.

Digital SAT

Test Length: 2 Hours and 14 Minutes


Test Sections: two Verbal Modules and two Math modules

Scoring Structure: Scale of 400-1600



Verbal Reasoning (2 Modules)

Math (2 Modules)

Math Topics Covered


Algebra I & II

Geometry, Trigonometry and Data Analysis

Essay: None

Important Features to Consider

- Administered Digitally

- 1 min and 40 sec per question (Math)

- SATs math questions are more repetitive with fewer outliers 

- More analysis and inferential thinking

- Tests Vocabulary

- Test is adaptive and will present module 2 questions based on performance on module 1

See for more information and to register for the official exam.

Upcoming SAT Test Dates

June 1st, 2024

August 24th, 2024

October 5th, 2024

November 2nd, 2024

December 7th, 2024

See individual or small group options. 



Test Length: 2 Hours and 55 Minutes

Test Sections: English, Math, Reading, Science

Scoring Structure: Scale of 0-36







Math Topics Covered


Algebra I & II

Geometry, Trigonometry, and Probability & Statistics

Essay: Optional, check the testing policy for the schools you are applying to as it may not be considered in your application.

Important Features to Consider

- Administered on paper

- 1 min per question (Math)

- ACT math section has a wider range of questions (ex. logs, matrices, combinatorics)

- Test of processing speed and short term memory

- May be a good fit for students who receive extended time.

- ACT Science tests processing speed

See for more information and to register for the official exam.

Upcoming ACT Test Dates

June 8th, 2024

July 13th, 2024

October 26th, 2024

December 14th, 2024

See individual or small group options. 

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