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Test Preperation Outline

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College Admissions Tests

An important component of planning for college is understanding the role of SAT/ACT scores and AP exams. The ACT and SAT are the two standardized tests used in the college admissions process in the United States. There is a difference in scoring, content and format between the SAT and the ACT. (See our information on Superscoring). Those differences can help inform what test is best for you.  


Our Coaching System

In order to cover the  SAT/ACT preparation, we ask students to spend approximately 100 hours to complete 16 tests and our proprietary worksheets that systematically cover all the skills tapped on these tests. Given the time commitment,  we recommend initiating the process over the Summer between sophomore and junior year to minimize the impact of test prep on school work. Within that time frame, students will have completed our curriculum and will be ready to take a test in August or September of junior year.  


Early Prep

Can a student start preparation for SAT/ACT earlier than 10th grade?  The content on a standardized test is in fact standard- repeats from test to test.  The requisite language, grammar and math skills for these tests is a constant–the variable is a student’s familiarity with these questions and the skills to do well.  For those who want to cultivate testing skills over a longer period of time can begin as early as eight grade through our summer boot camps, some of which are geared to developing math and language skills for younger students.  These skills will not only enhance a student’s performance on standardized tests but will also bolster academic performance . Remember that some schools offer PSAT testing as early as 9th grade. The exposure to the PSAT/SAT/ACT tests through our boot camps can jump start the preparation.

AP Testing 

Additionally, excelling in AP courses or achieving high scores on AP exams can significantly benefit your student by showcasing the depth of his or her coursework and potentially earning college credits. Some colleges are now indicating that AP tests will be used as another standardized measure in the admissions process (see Yale).  Even if AP courses are not offered at your student's school, she or he can still sit for the AP exams with adequate preparation. Our experienced instructors can provide the comprehensive coverage needed to score well on these exams.

 Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to explore how our programs can support your student's success.

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