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Preparation Options

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Individual Tutoring vs. Small Group Classes

Individual tutoring and small group classes are both effective in raising scores. Each student is encouraged to consider the differences below or connect with an MJtestprep team member to discuss which track will be best for them. Book a consult or call in anytime.

Boot Camp Jump Start and Individual Tutoring (SAT or ACT)

Summer Boot Camps are the perfect start for many students. The boot camps are 5-day intensive courses that provide students with the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from tutors and learn how to best approach this course work with minimal homework. Once the course ends, students can seamlessly transition into individual tutoring to complete their preparation. 

For students in 9th grade or younger, we recommend Vocabulary Builder or Math Builder Camps. If your 10th grader wants to bolster their Math or Verbal skills before applying them to the test directly, we would also recommend a Builder Camp prior to the SAT or ACT Boot Camp. 

Individual Tutoring Only (SAT or ACT)

Students looking for the most flexibility will benefit from the individual tutoring option. While 16 sessions are recommended to complete all of our course work and opt into our Score Guarantee, students may book as many or as few sessions as needed to reach their score goals.


Students can meet via Zoom or on location in Bryn Mawr or Chestnut Hill. You will have the option to book a standard session time weekly or you may vary your meeting times and days. Homework will be assigned to students between each lesson. Our tutors do get booked up, so it is recommended you book out until your test date. We offer the ability to cancel or reschedule without penalty within 36 hours of your appointment if needed. 

Comprehensive Group Course (SAT)

Our Comprehensive course consists of 40 hours of instruction and is a good fit for students who want to take the planning our of their preparation. It is important that these students stay on track with completing homework in order to make the most of class time. Students will be able to choose which test date they would like to prepare for by registering for either our August, October, March or May group classes. Students preparing for August or October will meet twice a week in the Summer, while the March and May classes will meet once a week during the school year.

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