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Testing Timeline

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When to Begin

Students want to plan their standardized test prep around their academics to avoid being overwhelmed and to avoid burnout. Schedule a consult or call anytime to discuss the specifics of your student. 

9th Grade

  • Some students will be offered a PSAT in October. 

  • Students should focus on building a strong vocabulary and ensuring they are on track with their math skills.

  • We encourage students to look ahead with their High School Counselor or MJtestprep Consultant to map out High School coursework. This mapping will inform the student on what AP Exams they will be eligible to take and what prerequisites need to be fulfilled.  


10th Grade

  • Students will take the PSAT in October.

  • Register for a Diagnostic ACT to determine which exam is best. Scores based on an analysis of scores and cognitive profile. We will also discuss the possibility of test-optional.

  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Summer to complete the bulk of their standardized test prep. Learn more about preparation options here.

  • AP Exams will be administered in May. If registering for an exam, begin evaluating your preparedness in January

11th Grade

  • Students will take the PSAT in October and the score will determine if they qualify for National Merit Scholarships. 

  • Take diagnostic tests to determine the right test if you have not already done so.

  • SAT or ACT preparation requires 5 hours of homework each week. 

  • AP Exams will be administered in May

12th Grade

  • Take Official SAT/ACT as needed if your goal score has not been achieved. 

  • The last test (SAT or ACT) for early admissions is in October

  • The last test (SAT or ACT)  for regular admissions is in December

  • Schools typically give a six week window form when the application is due to final submission of test scores.

  • AP Exams will be administered in May

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