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 Featuring Vocabulary and Grammar for 7th to 10th Grade

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The SAT has reintroduced sentence completions which means vocabulary is again a crucial component to a strong verbal score.


This course is designed not only for students who will be taking the SAT in the fall - but also for younger students who want to get a jump start on building a strong vocabulary and standard English skills.  The words on the SAT are drawn from first-year college curriculum, making them both relevant for the SAT and for advanced academic work.  


During the course of the week in Level 1 students will cover 200 of the most prominent words on the SAT. In Level 2, students will cover an additional 200 words. 


Theory suggests that it takes roughly six exposures for a word to crystallize in a person’s long term memory. We will expedite these exposures  through using content surrounding each word, games that  promote repetition to mastery, and creating associations that will enable students to retain meaning.  


For advanced students we can add more words so we can appropriately challenge each student. 


Additionally students will learn the logic of the sentence completion sentence - which means how to break the sentence down to isolate the proper meaning through the use of punctuation, syntax  and transitional words.  


As for the grammar - there are five major categories of questions.  We will be focusing on sentence structure - which means how to connect independent and dependent clauses, concluding phrases, appositives and introductory modifiers.


The class is Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM in our Bryn Mawr office. 

Cost: $995

The course cost includes all materials.  We require the student’s PSAT score from 10th grade. Any student entering 9th grade and younger do not have to provide their PSAT scores.

All students will begin in the Level 1 camp with the option to sign up for Level 2 or an SAT Boot Camp

SAT Verbal Builder Level 1

June 17 - Class Full

July 15

July 29

August 26

SAT Verbal Builder Level 2

July 8 - Class Full

July 22 - Class Full

August 12 - Class Full


If we do not have enough students signed up for any given class then we can not run the class and we will advise on another step.

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