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Super Scoring

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What is Super Scoring and How can it Benefit your Student

What is a superscore

A superscore is the compilation of the highest scores from any section across multiple test attempts. Early testing allows students to establish a baseline score from which they can build. For instance, if a student  achieves his or her goal in one section, that student can solely focus on the other sections leading up to the next Official Test. ​


For the SAT about 99% of the schools superscore (All the Ivies) for the ACT the number is below 50% (3 out of the 8 Ivies). Superscore policies change year to year so be sure to confirm the policy with each school you are applying to. 


Learn more about SAT superscoring at 

Learn more about ACT superscoring at


What colleges see 

An important consideration with regard to multiple testing is what the colleges see on your testing transcript.  Despite what you will often hear, colleges do not have access to any test scores other than the ones you send to them. There is no indication of how many times a student has taken the test. Psychometric test scores (ACT/SAT) are privileged information and they cannot be disclosed without your written consent. You send only what you want the colleges to  see.  What this means is  students can help themselves by sitting for a test but can never hurt themselves. 

How many times should a student test

There is no set number of times a student can take a test. There are clear indications of what specific colleges are looking for in terms of test scores available on college websites and in the literature. Many schools have software that indicates what grades and scores their students have achieved and whether or not those students got into specific schools. Given this information, we recommend students test until they fall into the range of the schools they are looking to attend. 

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