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Group SAT Review with Matt Joseph

This review course is designed for current MJ Test Prep students who are doing classes and individual sessions with MJ Test Prep instructors. 

  • First 1 1/2 hour - Matt will use problem sets to review concepts and reinforce our technique that simplify the questions

  • The last 1/2 an hour Matt will go over individual questions—students can bring in any questions that they need clarified – identifying those question is a great way for a student to review. 

  • The review is a nice way to organize all the work and make sure student’s feel comfortable (pumped) about going into the test center. 

Students will meet in the Bryn Mawr office. Spaces are limited so please register early if you are interested in attending the course.

June Meeting Date

May 31st, 5pm-7pm (One day before June 1st SAT exam)

Cost: $220


If we do not have enough students signed up for any given class then we can not run the class and we will advise on another step.

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