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5 Day ACT Bootcamps

This week-long intensive camp is an introductory course, designed for students who are just starting out, or who are looking for extra practice in a more structured environment.​ 

This one-week camp runs Monday through Friday from 9am - 2:30pm. Each day starts with students completing one or more sections of a test. After the sections are graded, students are split into smaller groups of three to four students based on skill level. The groups then work on strategies using guided practice with a tutor.

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ACT Boot Camp Dates
Summer 2024

July 8th

August 5th

August 26th

Total Cost: $1150

Seating Is Limited.

Call Us to Learn More.

The course cost includes all materials.  We require the student’s PSAT score from 10th and 11th grade. Any student entering 9th grade and younger do not have to provide their PSAT scores.

All students will meet in the Bryn Mawr office. Spaces are limited so please register early if you are interested in attending the course in-person.

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