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MJ Test Prep Online Tutoring – A new way to get the best of our services.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

MJ test prep is excited to announce the launch of our new learning platform on Moodle, which has been in development for the last three years. This program will enable our teachers to deliver our materials more efficiently and systematically than ever, and will facilitate students independent work at home. Additionally, this software makes virtual sessions a much more viable option. The feedback on this new system has been remarkably positive both from the teachers and students. Over the years our clients have asked if we could do virtual work with their friends and relatives in other locations throughout the country. Our response had always been it’s better to find someone local with whom you can work face to face. This new platform changes that dynamic and we’ll be glad to speak to any of you about what MJ TEST Prep can now do online via Online Lesson Space.

Benefits of Online Lesson Space:

*Easy access: instantly join the online lesson space with a link provided in a reminder email

* High-quality video chat

*Private tutoring rooms : Each student has his/her/their own private room, which means they can go back in between sessions to look over the work they did with their tutor : The lessons are recorded and  can be viewed for a week. The whiteboards can be saved so that students can review written instruction later on their own .

* Fully interactive : Students and the tutors work on documents collaboratively : draw, annotate, highlight, upload images and pdfs. The versatile whiteboard allows for a dynamic teacher student dialogue. 

* Test preparation as comprehensive as in our in-person programs

Online students work with the same materials as students in our in-person programs. Our new test and practice problems taking is online with Moodle platform.

Our hope is to help all of our students reach their educational goals.

Stay productive and safe,

Matt and Renata

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