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Our Proven Process

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with an average of more than 15 years of experience as professional standardized test coaches.  We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to working with students and families. The process begins with a conversation with parents and students about their particular  educational goals and college aspirations.  We use our 30-year history of tracking score growth to help our clients assess how to best achieve these goals.  



We establish a baseline by looking at existing scores from real tests that students have taken in the test center along with diagnostic tests they take with us. We typically administer both a diagnostic SAT and ACT to determine which test is right for each student. This determination is based on both an analysis of the overall score, subscores, and a student's cognitive profile. Through this process we  match students to a test that highlights their particular strengths and what we see as the best route to maximizing their standardized testing potential.


Our individualized plan for each student works within the framework of a system developed by Dr. Matthew Joseph who did his doctoral dissertation on coaching for standardized tests debunking college board’s once held claim that coaching for standardized tests lacks efficacy.  

  • The three to four month process is highly systematized ensuring that students are given the appropriate  experience with each category of question of which each of  these standardized tests are composed.The system is based on a careful vetting of years of standardized test questions, and our unique way of categorizing and simplifying these questions.  


  • The system is based on pedagogical research that indicates the threshold  exposure for getting a concept or solution strategy into a student’s working memory. Most of the techniques are concrete and easy and, despite the myths surrounding these tests,  there are very few cognitively prohibitive questions (hard guys) on this test.  



The curriculum can be delivered with one on one instruction (16 weekly sessions) or in our small classes (15 weeks-40 hours).  We keep the classes at around 4 people to a single instructor so that students with similar skills are working together.  



All student work is logged into an individual’s digital account so each student, the student’s parents, and the instructor can see what has been completed, what needs to be developed, and how the scores are progressing.    

Our Benchmark:

Unlike a grade in school, which reflects more on the student than the teacher, our student’s scores on these tests reflect directly on us.  For that reason the entire process is collaborative.  Our success is based solely on your success and we take great pride in our ability to raise scores. All we ask is that the assignments are completed and, as our time honored system has proven, that is all it takes to get robust growth.

Our Instructors:

Our instructors continually evaluate students’ progress, are always available for a conversation  and look forward to the privilege of working with you.   

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee a minimum of 160 points of growth on SAT and 4 points on ACT -(Student will provide an official College Board PSAT or SAT scores as a starting point) Student  agrees to attend 16 scheduled meetings that could be scheduled in advance to insure the open slots, or student attends a 15 week class (40 hour class)

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