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MJ Test Prep has been the most recognized test prep company in the Philadelphia area for the last 22 years, and has been the focus of scholars inquiry on effective learning. All of our methods have been carefully researched and integrated into our program, ensuring quality and effectiveness for our independent instructors to utilize.

We have helped students from grade school through graduate school achieve excellence on standardized tests as well as more traditional academic courses.   

2024 Summer Bootcamp Registration is Open

These camps are a week-long intensive introductory course, designed for students who are just starting out, or who are looking for extra practice in a more structured environment.​ Students begin with the Level-1 camps. For those looking to add a second week of instruction, we also offer a Level-2 camp, which covers more challenging SAT topics & testing strategies. Students may also continue their SAT preparation with a tutor one-on-one as well.

"I am thankful for my time at MJ Test Prep. While I did well in school, standardized tests were never my thing. The SAT was intimidating, and (even though it doesn’t) it feels like that one test is going to decide my future. At the very least, it is a factor in determining the college I ended up at, so I felt the pressure. After the first time taking the SAT I knew I needed help if I was going to get into the schools I was hoping for.

My tutor at MJ Test Prep, Mimi, was extremely helpful. Not only did she provide strategies for taking the test, coached me through example tests, and helped me brainstorm possible essay questions; but she also lessened the overall anxiety I was feeling about the test. I am not going to sugar coat it, MJ Test Prep is a lot of work, not only at your sessions but when you go home too. You will consistently be doing practice sections and studying vocabulary on top of your school work.

Nevertheless, I can honestly say it was worth it. I fully believe that if I did not put in the extra work while at MJ Test Prep, my SAT score would not have raised 370 points and I probably would not have been admitted to all the schools I received admittance from. Overall, I am grateful to Matt to have had the opportunity to receive help from people that cared about my success and pushed me to achieve my goals."

Our Clients

Read about the non-profit foundation that Matt and Renata founded to help students with financial difficulties.

Our non-profit is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged students.

The Foundation recognizes that not every student has the resources or support they need to reach their goals and is, therefore, establishing programs to support such students with the means necessary to excel. The Foundation is currently offering a free 15 session, one-on-one SAT preparation course aimed at juniors taking a spring SAT.

Learn More about our Foundation HERE

From the Desk of Dr. Matt Joseph:

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​MJ Test Prep was founded by Dr. Matthew Joseph, who did his doctoral dissertation on the efficacy of coaching for the SAT. For over 25 years, Dr. Joseph has assembled a team of the best tutors to help students in all areas of college testing and admissions. Our methods have helped at least one of our students every year achieve a perfect score on the SAT and on the ACT.

MJ Test Prep offers a highly developed program and an elite group of personnel to help you with your test-taking, academic, and admissions needs. MJ Test Prep offers both private tutoring and small-group classes to prepare students for the SAT, the ACT, and many other standardized tests.

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